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Work options

  • 100% remote; or
  • Up to 3 days a week in our Melbourne office

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Find purpose and belonging while doing the most meaningful work of your career.

We’re collaborating from all over the world

It's a new world of work, and not everyone wants to come into an office. We support remote work in the countries where we employ.

  • Melbourne (Our HQ)
  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • London

We are a values-driven company, and our values are fundamental to how we operate. How we achieve impact is as important as the impact itself.

Have the courage to be vulnerable

We know from our research that the opportunity to grow and develop is one of the strongest indicators of high engagement. The key to growth is a willingness to be vulnerable, continually stretch yourself, and even allow yourself to fail.

Having the courage to be vulnerable at work is about being willing to step outside of your comfort zone, express your ideas, reach higher, and be open to both the disappointment and growth that comes with failing. Vulnerability is also at the heart of authentic, credible relationships, and it’s the foundation for meaningful feedback.

Helping others build the courage to be vulnerable means creating a safe place, valuing our differences, and most of all, helping others stay motivated when faced with a challenge.

Learn faster through feedback

Feedback is the foundation of our entire solution – our tools and resources are designed to help people build feedback loops that drive actionable improvements to the employee experience.

Growth and learning through feedback requires a commitment to vulnerability and the humility to seek out feedback and apply it. Feedback can come in many forms, from different sources, and utilizing these feedback loops can help build empathy, resilience, and ongoing development. When we let go of perfectionism, there is more space for iteration and improvement.

But feedback can be scary – both to give and to receive, even with the best intentions. Helping others learn faster through feedback means we need to learn how to share feedback in a responsible and considerate way.

Trust people to make decisions

If we’re going to learn faster through feedback, then we need to trust people to make decisions, own them, learn from them, and share the outcomes. This keeps our teams moving faster than if we attempt to always reach a group consensus.

The starting point for any decision should be not “what should we do?” but instead, “who’s the best person to make this decision?” Trust that person to gather feedback, talk to people, and make a call. Even if we don't like the decision, we let the decision stand and support it and take note of key learnings along the way.

As an organization, we optimize for making lots of decisions simultaneously and commit to learning from them. Before others can trust you to make a decision, you need to demonstrate that you, in turn, can trust them to make them too.

Amplify others

While our first three values are more targeted to individual behaviors, they can't fully exist without mutuality – the reciprocal support of others. We care deeply about each other, both within Culture Amp and our wider community. We all have a natural inclination to help each other achieve our absolute best, even when it requires extra work.

Amplifying others is about empathy, connectedness, and recognition. It's about supporting others and knowing others are here to support you. It's about looking for opportunities where you can apply your unique set of skills to lift others up and help them succeed. And part of amplifying others is recognizing those who've helped you achieve your success.

Hiring process

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Permanent Culture Amp employees (“Campers”) enjoy a selection of benefits, perks, and development opportunities

  • Camper growth stipend - Campers can use their stipend to cover learning & development and wellness costs that support their personal and professional growth.
  • Practice-led development - Each Practice has an allocated budget for targeted learning & development activities specific to their Campers’ focus areas.
  • Quarterly passion days - Campers have one paid day each quarter to dedicate to an idea, cause, movement, event or something else that they believe will make a positive impact on the world.
  • Employee resource groups - Culture Amp is home to many ERGs, including Camp Out (LGBTQI+), Camp Climate Crisis, Camp Color, WoCA (Women of Culture Amp), and Camp Carebears (Parents and caregivers).
  • Employee share option plan - Employees begin vesting on their first day of employment: options have a four-year vesting period with a 12-month cliff.

Open roles

Solutions Architect
Product Support Specialist
100% Remote
Timezone: AEST